Monday, November 1, 2010

1st November 2010: I'm finally Jobless!!!

Yes, today marks the end of my days being employed as a contract government staff since I graduated with a Degree in year 2007. I've been working as a Research Officer for nearly 3 years, and now, I'm finally jobless!!!

Well, the main reason I quit my job is because I'm now 37 weeks of my pregnancy, as a contract staff, we don't get maternity leave like the permanent staff enjoys. I'll be a full time housewife to care for my baby when she's born. This is my crossroad where I have to choose between career or family. Me and my husband had actually discussed about this during our 2 days 1 night pre-marriage seminar, which I'm glad that we did attend the seminar. We decided that I'll look after our baby once he/she is born. We believe that a harmonious family is built with understanding and role playing as husband/wife, father/mother, children etc. You may call us outdated or typical Chinese family but there is a reason why our ancestors encourages the mother to look after the children at home while the father becomes the breadwinner of the family. I'll share with you more in coming posts.

Me at week 34 of pregnancy 
Picture courtesy of Greg Emmanual

My family and friends were worried when I decided to be a full time housewife. Questions such as:
  • Can you manage with single income from your husband?
  • Are you able to take care of your children?
  • What about your career, are you willing to give up everything?
  • Will you become a 黄脸婆(represent typical housewife who doesn't really care about their outlook)?
Indeed, I did feel insecure at first for not having my own stream of income. I was never jobless. Like most people, I'll quickly look for another job to secure myself with a paycheck every month. Moreover, baby is coming in and a paycheck is indeed very tempting at this moment. 

Well, what makes me decide NOT to have this paycheck? The second reason is that, this will be my time to build my Work-From-Home Business, which is what I always wanted to do. I want the flexibility, automated income using the internet to help me to generate a 24/7/365 unlimited income. This is my aim and I'm taking the first step by creating this blog. I'm an amateur and I'm still learning to being a successful online marketer. There are so many things to learn and as I go along, I'll share with you my stories and experience. 

Who says you can't be successful as a Housewife? Well, I'm here to proof you WRONG!!!

Always remember that whenever someone says you can't, there are three fingers that is pointing towards themselves, which mean they themselves can't do so.

Feel free to share Your experience or any comments that you like to help us become a better person!



  1. Interesting decisions both of you have made here. What about your masters?

  2. Dear Jenn, I'll finish my master in another semester. Now struggling to complete my thesis writing, but I've been spending more time reading books on financial literacy and how to earn cash flows from the internet than the journals. Enjoying my reading time before giving my full attention to Olivia^^

    How about you? How is your life in KL?

  3. That's such a big decision. I bet it took a whole lot of brain space and all the doubts in the world before finally putting your foot down firmly on this. Hats off to you, Kathy!
    I would like to do the same if I'm married and having kids. I personally think working is a waste of time and energy if it is not something you enjoy. So perhaps later you can be my sifu when you're a successful work from home housewife :)
    I can't wait for Olivia to enter this world, till then you take care ya. Just let us know if you need any help at all k!

  4. way to go kathy!!!
    remember, i get to photoshoot Olivia first ya...hehehe... :)
    btw, i just printed out some of your photos for you and KK... will pass it to you soon... :)

  5. Thanx a lot Cyn and Greg!

    Yep, I want to have a successful internet business so that more women can step into my shoes being a successful work from home housewife. Hope I can make it!!