Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Baby!

Finally, after 2 days of labour pain, Olivia was finally born on 24 November 2010! All the process of pain and labour pays off when I saw her safely brought to the world! My hubby and I, and the rest of the crew laughed out loud when Olivia peed when she cried right after she was born! What a pleasant sound to the ear!

I'm lucky to have my hubby right beside me to support me for the whole process. Before this, we thought that the General Hospital would not allow the husband to go into the labour room with their wife, so it is quite a surprise and a blessed gift to be given the opportunity!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my hubby for being there with me and my mommy who was nervously cooking red wine chicken soup at home for me to eat after labour. I love both of you very very much! And special thanx to Wai Kit who brought my mom to the hospital and purposely bought NIKON DSLR to snap photos of Olivia. And also thanx to all my friends who are present and visits me at the hospital! THANK YOU!

Here you are, some photos of newborn Olivia, in courtesy of the generous photographer - Uncle Wai Kit!

Here's another more professional photographer - Geg Emmanuel for his photo shooting for Olivia @ 1 week young.

Happy, Grateful & Proud Mommy,