Hi there, thanx for wanting to know me better!

I'm a 25 years old Mommy, blessed with a loving husband and a beautiful daughter. I'm an amateur internet entrepreneur and I'm on my way being a successful work-from-home housewife! Successful to my expectation is to live a healthy, wealthy and happy life.

There are four reasons why I started this blog:

1) I want to improve myself and I want others to improve too - in the quality of life and being financially free.

2) I'm an amateur and I know little about internet business. I want to learn from others and share my experience to everyone who is also on the same boat as I am.

3) This blog will help me to keep track on my own progress and keep myself disciplined.

4) And of course, earn cashflow from internet business.

You can expect bold, straightforward and simple writing from me. Often I would suggest books that had given me impact because I believe that by having the knowledge and wisdom, everyone can be who they want to be - without limitations.

I hope to build relationships with you and we could motivate each other along the way. Do drop by to introduce yourself so that I can know you better!

May all of you be blessed with Great Health, Wealth and Happinness!