Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Baby!

Finally, after 2 days of labour pain, Olivia was finally born on 24 November 2010! All the process of pain and labour pays off when I saw her safely brought to the world! My hubby and I, and the rest of the crew laughed out loud when Olivia peed when she cried right after she was born! What a pleasant sound to the ear!

I'm lucky to have my hubby right beside me to support me for the whole process. Before this, we thought that the General Hospital would not allow the husband to go into the labour room with their wife, so it is quite a surprise and a blessed gift to be given the opportunity!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my hubby for being there with me and my mommy who was nervously cooking red wine chicken soup at home for me to eat after labour. I love both of you very very much! And special thanx to Wai Kit who brought my mom to the hospital and purposely bought NIKON DSLR to snap photos of Olivia. And also thanx to all my friends who are present and visits me at the hospital! THANK YOU!

Here you are, some photos of newborn Olivia, in courtesy of the generous photographer - Uncle Wai Kit!

Here's another more professional photographer - Geg Emmanuel for his photo shooting for Olivia @ 1 week young.

Happy, Grateful & Proud Mommy,

Friday, November 19, 2010

Today is my expected due date!

Wow, I can still write post and facebooking! Olivia probably prefers to sit in my womb coz she can eat different types of food (I just had my mom's mee suah for lunch). She don't have other choices than Mommy's Fresh Milk when she come out^^ (and to Mei Yean, I'll save a bottle of my fresh milk to u everyday as you requested, haha!)

Am I nervous? Umm, not yet actually... I will be when I'm in the labour room, I'm quite scared of the 'hospital' smell (got the phobia since I last visited the dental clinic). I was hoping that Olivia will come out next Monday (22/11/10), which is on the same birthday as her cute Daddy! Well, we'll never knows..

It's amazing to know a new life will be starting and I'm going to be a Mommy! Hope everything goes smoothly!

Dear Olivia,
Mommy & Daddy love you very much!!! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Are You Financially Educated?

I have just finish reading Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money from Robert earlier this month. Actually, I bought the book from Popular last 2 years for RM66.90 (USD21.66) and leave it on the shelf until today...shame on me. Luckily, I pick up the book and read the whole book today at age 25 years.

The first encounter I have with Robert's book is Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom. I saw the book on the shelf back at my home and took it when I was in my 2nd year as undergraduate. The book belongs to my brother. I read the book and was informed about the different quadrants but didn't fully understand the concept. I was only 21 years old then, I guess I was being naive about life after uni-having to work for money. I shared the book with my husband (my boyfriend then) and the seed of wanting to be financially free was planted in our mind. On and on we'll buy books to improve our education on money. I'm now reading Rich Dad's Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest in, That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!

As I'm going to deliver my baby in Penang, my mom came here far away from Sarawak to take care of me during my confinement period. She came one month before my expected due date to process our traditional Foo-Chow's red wine. So I gave my favourite book for her to read Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom. After she finished reading the book, she said "my life would have been different if I read Roberts' book 30 years back!" And I said to her, "It's never too late to know now than for you to never realize what happen to your money for the rest of your life." She agreed and continue reading the second book Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money and now reaching out for the third book Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men - One Message.

I didn't know Amazon is selling second hand books, now I can buy Robert's book at a cheaper bargain. I think being rich does not happen overnight, it requires the right education and practice to success. Robert's books are indeed a great start to educate ourself on money matters. Start your financial education as early as possible so that you won't regret it only when you are out of time and money. All the best!


Warmest Regards,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where should I start?

I came across a quote when I was reading a book at Borders today: "We shouldn't let other people to determine how much we worth through the monthly paycheck". It suddenly strikes me really hard on my face when I reflect back what I've been doing for the past 3 years-working as a contract staff under four projects at the university where I studied for 3 years. It was stated clearly in my resume under the Working Experience column:

Sept 2010 – 
Oct 2010
(2 months)
Research Officer (School of Educational Studies)
Project D
USD 775/month
Aug 2010
(1 month)
Research Assistant (School of Education Studies)
Project D
USD 581/month

Feb 2010 – 
July 2010
(6 months)
Research Officer (School of Distance Education)
Project C
USD 775/month
Dec 2009 – 
Jan 2010  
(2 months)
Research Assistant (School of Distance Education)
Project C
USD 420/month
Aug 2009 - 
Nov 2009
(4 months)
Project Assistant (School of Distance Education)
Project C
USD 202/month
July 2009 – 
Sept 2009 
(2 months)
Research Assistant (USAINS Holdings Sdn Bhd)
Project B
USD 420/month
Oct 2007 –
June 2009
(20 months)
Research Officer (School of Distance Education)
Project A
USD 775/month

I could have write in a long article elaborating why my starting income were USD 775/month to USD 202/month and then back to the same amount which later I decided to quit my job. I could have drop dead feeling sorry for myself but that is just another story that anyone could have experience it the same way if not worse.

The more important thing is, from these experience brings me a great lesson: Working really hard for money and begging for increment really sucks!!! At the end of the day, the worse part is: Where does all my money goes? Sounding like a desperate housewife, I asked myself: What should I do? Where should I start? How can I get out of this?

For me, reading is a great start to gain knowledge! It all started to change when I read Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom by Robert Kiyosaki. Robert is a great educator and I'm really grateful that he wrote this book and share his Rich Dad's way of thinking towards money. Since then, I bought most of his books for the food of my brain, now what I need to do is to execute what I learn from Robert's teaching.

It is important to equip ourselves with knowledge and wisdom if we want to success in managing our money. Being ignorance is no more an option. You are in danger thinking that having a secure job will save you or make you happy for the rest of your life. I suggest you to start reading this book (Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom) first and develop the right mindset  towards money. You can find all the books I read at the right hand side of my blog under Advertisement:

"Take the first step in faith. You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)

If you have read Robert Kiyosaki's book, feel free to drop your insights and opinions! I would love to hear from you!

May you be blessed with Great Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Monday, November 1, 2010

1st November 2010: I'm finally Jobless!!!

Yes, today marks the end of my days being employed as a contract government staff since I graduated with a Degree in year 2007. I've been working as a Research Officer for nearly 3 years, and now, I'm finally jobless!!!

Well, the main reason I quit my job is because I'm now 37 weeks of my pregnancy, as a contract staff, we don't get maternity leave like the permanent staff enjoys. I'll be a full time housewife to care for my baby when she's born. This is my crossroad where I have to choose between career or family. Me and my husband had actually discussed about this during our 2 days 1 night pre-marriage seminar, which I'm glad that we did attend the seminar. We decided that I'll look after our baby once he/she is born. We believe that a harmonious family is built with understanding and role playing as husband/wife, father/mother, children etc. You may call us outdated or typical Chinese family but there is a reason why our ancestors encourages the mother to look after the children at home while the father becomes the breadwinner of the family. I'll share with you more in coming posts.

Me at week 34 of pregnancy 
Picture courtesy of Greg Emmanual

My family and friends were worried when I decided to be a full time housewife. Questions such as:
  • Can you manage with single income from your husband?
  • Are you able to take care of your children?
  • What about your career, are you willing to give up everything?
  • Will you become a 黄脸婆(represent typical housewife who doesn't really care about their outlook)?
Indeed, I did feel insecure at first for not having my own stream of income. I was never jobless. Like most people, I'll quickly look for another job to secure myself with a paycheck every month. Moreover, baby is coming in and a paycheck is indeed very tempting at this moment. 

Well, what makes me decide NOT to have this paycheck? The second reason is that, this will be my time to build my Work-From-Home Business, which is what I always wanted to do. I want the flexibility, automated income using the internet to help me to generate a 24/7/365 unlimited income. This is my aim and I'm taking the first step by creating this blog. I'm an amateur and I'm still learning to being a successful online marketer. There are so many things to learn and as I go along, I'll share with you my stories and experience. 

Who says you can't be successful as a Housewife? Well, I'm here to proof you WRONG!!!

Always remember that whenever someone says you can't, there are three fingers that is pointing towards themselves, which mean they themselves can't do so.

Feel free to share Your experience or any comments that you like to help us become a better person!