Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tears of gratitude

My dearest mom had been with me for more than 2 months before she flew back to Sarawak last Tuesday on the 4th Jan. She arrived one month earlier form my expected due date to brew our traditional Foo-Chow red rice wine so that I could consume it during my confinement period. Even before the confinement period, she took care of me without complain, being patience with my all my cranky behaviour.. When Olivia arrives, mommy worked her best to make sure that I eat the best and that baby got the full attention. 

Well, honestly, the first week of baby-sitting is really draining all of us out (me, hubby and mom). I'm not a person with much patient, I was tensed and pressured because I do not know what Olivia wants (this is indicated by her generousity in crying). but after I witness how patient and loving is my mom towards Oliviar, my heart melts and I do swear to myself that i would take care baby like how mommy took care of baby. 

There is an old saying that goes "you'll never know how it feels like until you yourself being the parent". How true is that! I cried a lot reflecting how forgetful I was on mommy's sacrifice towards raising us up. Mommy love us so much, just like how I saw her loving baby Olivia. I was a baby too... and I was so ashamed of myself for what I did before, not being patient with mom, hurting her with harsh words, not helping with housework etc. How could I be so ungrateful? And yet, Mommy is the one who is always forgiving, loving us without hoping for any return... All she wanted is to see us living happily...

Now that I'm a mother, I finally understand things that I have never understood before as a child..and I swear to give the best to my mommy, just like my mommy giving the best to me! 

I Love You Mommy, I miss you very much! Thanx for everything!



  1. A heart warming blog :) Gambate Kathy and KK :)

  2. mum is always the best in the world..